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The protection at the workplace as well as a higher professionalism in the transport of goods has greatly increased in recent years. Employees in the commercial sector also value their own health. Pallet straps provide more safety and protect your employees from less or no unhandy goods falling on their toes and causing injuries.

Everyone working in the shipping department is exposed to the same problem of having to transport goods from the storage location to the picking area every day. This is where our pallet tightening strap comes into play. Save yourself the expensive and time-consuming wrapping with hand stretch film to transport your goods only a few hundred meters.

Our pallet rubbers are therefore the best alternative for short distances in internal goods transport. Our pallet rubbers are ideally suited for Euro and industrial pallets and ensure that your goods do not slip any more. Also the "overhead" storage of pallets is therefore much easier and safer.

Our pallet straps are also very suitable for removal companies to fix moving blankets or for the beverage trade to secure empties. Even when packing cartons, our rubber straps ensure that the lid flaps of your cartons do not get in the way until they are completely filled.